WAMS  Academy Faculty

The Faculty of the World Academy of Medical Sciences functions at the Academy headquarters in eleven European capitals, seven North American cities and fourteen major cities from the rest of the world. In each of the rest of the member countries of the Academy, there is an Academy Faculty branch which funtions in cooperation with the WAMS' central headquarters. Also in cooperation with the member country's National Council of the Academy, each WAMS Faculty branch works and functions within an Academy member medical school/faculty/college which is assigned by the Academy to work as a member with the Academy. This collaborative work is based on mutually collaborative and coefficient work in clinical services, research and education and training at academic level nationally and internationally.
The Academy Faculty's ruling body is the Executive Committee which is chaired by the dean of the Faculty who is the First Senior Vice-President of the Academy. The Executive Committee of the Faculty consists of 42 members who are all fellow members of the Academy. The Academy Faculty governs the Academy's sectors of education and research and their related units. Although it reports to the Executive Council of the Academy on certain matters and issues, the Faculty in itself is independent. The Executive Committee of the Faculty meets every other month and it gathers all the Faculty members twice a year for the Faculty's biannual congresses. The dean of the Faculty is selected for a two-year term by the Executive Council of the Academy out of three candidates nominated by the Faculty's Executive Committee upon voting by the Faculty members. The dean is usually a senior member of the Academy's Executive Council.
The Academy Faculty's member list consists of:
-   All the members of the Executive Council of the Academy,      
-   All the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the WAMS National Councils,
-   Selected heads of Academy Groups,
-   Selected members of the Academy,
-   All the fellows of the Academy,
-   All the heads and members of the specialty boards.
The main units of the Academy Faculty include:
-   ISBC: International Specialty Boards Commission,
-   ETB: Education and Training Board,
-   IMREC: International Medical Research Council,
-   TAEB: Titles, Awards and Exams Board,
-   IMBB: International Medicotechnology and Biotechnology Board.

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